Chakra Yoga


$20 preregistration  *  $25 at the door.
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You think you’ve experienced yoga, then you step onto your mat and surrender to the cleansing bath of sound from quartz crystal singing bowls. Guided to a place of deep listening and embodied awareness, you come to understand the integral part that balancing the chakra energy centers play in the health of your body-mind.

“Your chakras are seven major energy centers that correspond to nerve ganglia along the body’s core. As a whole, the system forms a bridge that connects universal polarities: spirit to matter, heaven to earth, and mind to body. The chakras are stepping stones along that bridge, bringing those polarities into union. “Union” is the meaning of the word yoga, and used as a map, the chakras guide our journey from one level to the next.” Anodea Judith, Creating on Purpose

Come to a deeper understanding of the chakra system
Start a new dialogue with your body
Rediscover the mind-body connection
Release limiting emotional patterns and mental beliefs
Experience a greater sense of clarity, balance, and peace
Realize the power of simple acts of self-care and positive thinking
Feel empowered to continue the practice and enact positive change

WHAT TO EXPECT: A candle lit gentle flow style yoga class lead by Delia Quigley with a crystal singing bowl sound bath played for the chakras by Meg Lyding.  Together chakra specific asanas and the tones of the bowls offer balance to each energy center.  The practice is further expanded by chanting the chakra seed sounds, breath-work, visualization, and use of mantra and affirmation.

WHO CAN ATTEND: All levels of yoga practitioner are welcome. Chairs can be used when floor work is difficult for the student. Some knowledge of yoga poses is needed to be able to stay present during the session. It is not a class to learn yoga poses, but a time to immerse ones yoga practice in the sound of the crystal bowls and the tuning of the chakras.

A follow-up to our two-hour introduction workshop, the NEW MOON class is the time to think about planting seeds of intention and possibility.  It is the time to visualize new projects, set new goals, and open to new possibilities. The New Moon is also a good time to replace negative habits with healthy positive ones. This Tuning Your Chakras session will support a top-down creation from Seventh Chakra (idea) to First Chakra (manifestation) by envisioning an idea and using the vibrations of the crystal bowls to unblock and allow the free flow of manifesting energy. It will include a vinyasa flow of poses.

MAY 25, 2017, 7:00 – 8:15 PM
Stillwater Healing Arts Center
911 Main St., Stillwater, NJ
(973) 903 – 6384

June 23, 6:30 – 7:45 PM
StillPoint Yoga Studio
155 State Route 94, Suite 6
Blairstown, NJ  07825