The Body Rejuvenation Cleanse

“We shall not cease from exploration
, and the end of all our exploring
 will be to arrive where we started 
and know the place for the first time.” ~T.S. Eliot

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The third edition of The Body Rejuvenation Cleanse.
Now with more recipes, information and the effective Transition, Cleanse and Fasting Phases that have changed so many lives in a positive way.

In 1999, I developed The Body Rejuvenation Cleanse as a five-week body detoxification program that turned out to be an amazing education on how foods affect your health. Over the years I have watched how this program has successfully changed the health and lives of countless numbers of people who have sat down at my kitchen table and been introduced to foods in their whole, natural state. Believe me, it was an eye opener for many and a healing experience for most. But let the people tell you.


Out of all the things I have done to make changes in my life, learning yoga and nutrition with Delia has made the most difference.  Yoga will always be a part of my life.  The Body Rejuvenation Cleanse program and Cooking The Basics cooking classes will always be tools to help me maintain balance in my life.  This is the second time I’ve completed the cleansing program and I’m amazed I was able to do it on my own!  Thank you for being there when I needed to learn new ways to take care of my life. ~Becky M.

The Body Rejuvenation Cleanse was and is a life changing experience for me. Thanks to Delia’s knowledge I have discovered a closer connection between food, body and mind. Since doing The Cleanse I no longer need allergy medicine for seasonal allergies. I also no longer need a PMS medication I took for mood swings and depression during that time of month. I am more balanced, feel lighter and am healthier. I know my body better and how it reacts to certain foods. It does require some discipline, but Delia is excellent on keeping people motivated and focused. I have been introduced to new and exciting food, delicious and easy recipes and cooking techniques that I use on a daily basis. ~Susi T

I feel like I’ve always known Delia Quigley, though the truth is it’s only been one year since we first met in her Body Rejuvenation Cleanse class.  My life has not been the same since that class; Delia changed my life. In fact, she saved it. At the time I was overweight, bloated, stressed, had numerous aches and pains and no energy.  My health was definitely at risk.  In her book, “The Body Rejuvenation Cleanse”, Delia has compiled her expertise and knowledge on nutrition in an easy to follow guide to teach you how to make better food choices.  It is a lifetime plan for eliminating the toxins in your body that affect your health, lose weight and keep it off. You to deserve to look and feel better. ~Lorraine F

Thank you very much for taking me through The Body Rejuvenation Cleanse program-it really did change my life. I feel much more connected and can see that food is a way to bring people back to the earth. ~Jacky S

The Body Rejuvenation Cleanse program made the dietary transition slow and you never felt deprived of anything…as of today, a year later, I’m still on the program and have lost about 25 lbs, and feel much better than when I started. ~Mike B

My whole purpose for doing The Body Rejuvenation Cleanse initially was to lose weight.  The knowledge I gained from the entire experience gave me the insight to what it feels like to be healthy, which nurtured me as a person. What I gained from doing The Cleanse was a greater respect for myself for making better food choices. When I first started The Cleanse I knew it was okay to be uncomfortable, that eventually I would learn how to get out of the eating rut I was in.  It took work on my part to make a change, but the real challenge was not to give up.  Life is always a preparation for something better. You just have to stay focused. The focus I learned from doing The Body Rejuvenation Cleanse helped me to not only run in the New York Marathon, but finish. ~Lois B

The most important long term outcome of doing The Body Rejuvenation Cleanse was to discover my allergy to gluten. Doing The Cleanse has changed my life! At 55 I feel younger, more alert and happy. I occasionally do the program on my own, but I love the group sessions and the fabulous meals Delia serves. ~Rita B

The Body Rejuvenation Cleanse was one of the best things I could have done for my body. I felt better and had more energy, my skin was brighter and smoother, my sinuses cleared up, and I lost 10 pounds. I really enjoyed the bi-monthly meetings and meals that we shared. It was amazing how everyone’s skin changed and began to glow. The delicious recipes that Delia created are not overly complicated. Since doing the program, I have completely changed the way I eat, and learned to enjoy wholesome organic food in a more natural state. ~Julia K

Wow! This cleanse is really something. I am not sure what is all going on but I have been in a very emotional place for a few days. I am finding myself looking back over my life in many areas. This has been bringing up a lot of cleansing tears. I am missing my spelt bread, but very ok with the weight I am losing. Other than the emotional piece I am physically feeling good, the best I have felt in a long time. I’m spending most of my time in my garden, in my hammock or just continuing to reconnect with myself. I found my yoga practice improving. My body can get much deeper into positions. ~Suzanne M.