Maya Awakens

I set my goal to write and publish books that will support all of you with yoga, health and nutrition. This accomplished I turned towards my photography and created an online site that shares the beauty of nature and animals as I see it all in my daily life. This also accomplished I now turn my attention towards telling stories with my writing and photographs. Look for this first effort, MAYA AWAKENS, to be published as a picture E-book in the months to come.

Achievement happens by making a plan and moving step-by-step towards a goal.  I began The Stone House Diaries blog to help me sort through my life and what was happening around me in the world. My animal family were trusted companions on the journey and are featured in the many stories I have written on this site over the past three years. While I wrote I read Joseph Campbell and Thomas Berry drawing inspiration from their view of the world. It all came together in MAYA AWAKENS, a story of two small doggies lost in the dream time who must create a new story before they can awaken. Stay tuned for this exciting publication.