Chair Vinyasa

Chair Vinyasa (sold on The practice of Ha-Tha Yoga is designed to engage the body-mind in an inquiry based on sensation, the language your body uses to communicate. To listen and understand what your body is asking in a pose requires time, awareness and an internal focus. In this way the ego-mind is subdued, calming the aggressive desire to push, pull, and demand from the physical body what can in time weaken, tear and injure.

The folding chair can provide a stable support for all level of students allowing the student to hold poses longer resulting in a deeper flexibility and strength. In these pages you will find:
*well organized instructions with photos of multiple variations of each asana.
*explanations for how to teach for disabilities.
*easy to follow sequences to incorporate into any yoga class.
*50 clearly illustrated asanas with information explaining the use of the chair, blankets, bolsters, blocks and straps.

In Chair Vinyasa you will learn to bring the benefits of asana (poses) to your personal and your students practice utilizing proper alignment, stability, movement, breath and total relaxation with the support of a chair. With these tools of knowledge a yoga instructor or experienced practitioner can create a class based upon their student’s physical, emotional and mental needs, whether novice, beginner, intermediate or advanced practitioners.