About Us

Stone House Diaries is my way to share what I’ve learned after living a holistic lifestyle for the past thirty years. Through my books, diary, yoga and photography; as Delia or bluegardenia4, I am exploring this wonderful time in my life. There is no one way to live and I’ve always gone my own direction observing, learning, experimenting and gathering  knowledge to share with you and anyone who seeks answers to the age old question, “Who am I?”

The Stone House Diaries began as a compilation of thoughts, dreams, insights and conversations contributed by Maya, a Cairn terrier; Seamus, a Shih Tzu mix; Tessa, a semi-wild feline; and BlueGardenia4, mother and confidant to many.

These conversations take place in an old stone frame farmhouse; in nature, near water, under a large canopy of sky; in the winter, spring, summer and fall; and under all conditions of emotional calm or upheaval. They involve both the physical, visible world and the unseen forces that surround us all.

From St. Francis of Assisi comes the message that where there is sadness, happiness can be a heartbeat away. Where there is doubt, faith; despair, hope; hatred, love; darkness, light.
Where there is war, peace can be attained if we all become the instrument of that peace.
Animals embody this prayer much more than humans can manage to do. Perhaps we should all listen more closely to what our animals are saying to us.

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