Good or Bad, We’ll See

Seamus on porch

Dear Diary,
It’s Seamus. What an election we’ve had! And now we are a divided family here at the Stone House. Mom says its’ the same all across our country. Who knew that a nation that has stood for equality of race and gender has peeled back the mask of tolerance and revealed a new face to the world. The bullies of America are emboldened by electing a President who is himself a cunning, manipulative bully. White supremacists are coming out of the closet like gay men and women did years ago. It is a new kind of emerging.

On another note Tessa is ecstatic at the news.

“I told you losers The Donald and his pretty family would win; but you thought it was a woman’s time to make history. Well, wrong reason amigo’s, and now you’re sorry.”

Meanwhile, Maya turns to food to quash her emotions.

“Hillary would have united all terriers and kept the old world order.  At least people would know what to expect with corporations in power, the same ole, same ole corruption and war mongering, but at least it would be a woman leading the country.”

Mom’s been pretty quiet, not saying much and choosing who to say it to.

“Who would think that Americans would elect a deeply flawed man with no government experience to govern such a complex country as America? The old story has just been shredded and we must be careful who writes the new one.”

As for me, I think that if this had been an episode of Mr. Trumps reality show, The Apprentice, he would have been booted off right at the beginning having been found to have no qualifications for the job. Instead Mr. Trump has been given a spin-off show of his very own, which I will venture to call An American Farce. Shakespeare and Moliere would have loved this drama and comedy of errors all rolled up into one script.

Bringing the family together
In light of the snapping of jaws over any minor infraction around here I called the family together on an unusually warm November day to see if we could mend our disagreements and move forward in solidarity.

Thanks everyone for taking time away from your afternoon nap to sit down and try to mend the rift in our family.

What’s the big deal, Shih Tzu? The Donald won and now we get to see how Melania will redecorate the White House. Plus, and most interesting of all, the news media will report on every move and utterance made by the fashion forward Trump kids. It will be great entertainment, so relax and enjoy. Winter’s coming and series one should be a killer.

You idiot cat! I know you thought you were special but a racist too? All this time you hated doggies?

Whoa there terrier. Just because Tessa voted for Trump doesn’t make her a racist. Does it? I mean, whole states who voted for Obama four years ago voted for Trump this time around. That says more about wanting change than being racist.

It’s just that Mr. Trump has shown himself to be a racist, misogynist and self serving narcissist with five children by three wives.  Many people equate voting for him as a reflection of the individuals Trump-like values. But you’re right, it can mean that with the choices given to the American people the old order just had to go.

You are making way to much of this! First of all the Saudi’s totally get the three wives, so that’s a plus for us when he negotiates a deal. Secondly, white used-to-be middle class Americans are pissed off because Wall Street and the big banks have swallowed them alive and pooped them out their big fat, obese behinds as if they don’t matter.

Wall Street Greed

An interesting point Tessa, and your fat behind is going to matter when you end up with diabetes. So you are saying that this election is disenfranchised white America’s version of Occupy Wall Street. Except, they chose to elect the one percent to save them from the one percent. But then again the two main choices were the one percent so I think you don’t have a fat behind to sit on for your argument.

Perhaps I can shed some light on this for you females. Consider the human brain, if you will. Complex, driven, run by the ego and the pain-pleasure body. Easily influenced, hypnotized, confused, led and manipulated. This can be done very easily with what is seen on television, in advertising, movies, video games, heard on radio and even music. Thoughts and moods can be shaped like an orchestra given the right conductor.

Right you are doggie breath! Now add to that daily doses of alcohol, opioids, medications, pot, methamphetamine, and heroin….

Let’s not leave out added food colorings, flavorings, sugar, caffeine, hormones, pesticides, herbicides and heavy metal contamination….

Fluoride and chlorine in the drinking water and a slew of chemical pollutants in the air and let’s not forget the list of vaccinations…

Then the expression that “we have drunk too much of the poison” can be applied. Mind you this is just to excuse a brain muddled, confused and delusional. Not one brain but an entire nation!

Oh, dear, quite possibly. Any other theories?

Yeah, the rise of hatred over love, intolerance over tolerance, self-interest over compassion by a nation of people blocked in their first chakra of survival cannot see with clear eyes, listen to what is being said, or understand the consequences of their actions. How’s that?

So, mom are we leaving the country? I’ll go pack my doggie bowl and pillow.

WHAT! And miss the show? I’m not going anywhere. It’s just about to get really good. I admit the show’s pilot was pretty unbelievable, but Episode 1 will tell us if the mad man Rudi Giuliani will be Attorney General and send Black Lives Matter into Black Lives Better Run and Hide. And then there’s Chris Christie, any President with a sense of humor will have him as Secretary of Transportation. This is going to be to good to miss.

No, we’re not leaving. The most important thing we can do now is reach out to our community and continue to extend love and compassion without judgement or blame.

The great Leonard Cohen, mom. “There ain’t no cure for love.”

Whatever! As for me, FaceBook here I come.

Ok, listen up everyone. The Donald’s got four seasons of his new reality show scheduled. Good or bad, we’ll see, but…

In the meantime let’s celebrate the states that legalized marijuana! Yahoooo!!!

Hey, maybe President Obama will legalize the sacred Cannabis Sativa plant as his final act. How cool would that be? At least his legacy will be linked to something that will benefit the entire planet.

And while he’s at it he can pardon Hillary.

For what?

For being a woman?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Patrick says:

    Great blog, points made of every agenda facing this great nation


  2. don stettner says:

    great rant
    ranting really helps
    and a foot in the earth
    how many of are there
    i love your site
    just started getting into iit
    i really appreciate what all you are doing
    onward with a good laugh


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