The World is a Blind Man

Dear Diary,
The weather has changed, but the ticks are still with us. Not a day goes by that my mom Blue isn’t picking one off my neck. So much fear over a creature that carries disease and suffering in its tiny body. I have seen them lay waste to the pups, but for some reason we cats are immune to their poison. It must have to do with our superior nature.

Life is strange, isn’t it? One moment I was out in the cold, homeless, sick, filled with despair; and today I am top cat here at the Stone House, warm, well fed and loved by my family. How does that happen?

“In this moment all is perfect, whole and complete”. At least that’s what Blue says all the time. No use regretting the past and the future is so unpredictable one can only imagine the possibilities. But this moment, well that’s the golden opportunity to be happy and grateful for what I have. I know, odd coming from a cat, right? But something happened recently that had me wondering at the mystery of life.

It began a month ago when my cairn sister, Maya, began having seizures that would rack her little body. I know we don’t always see eye to eye, and I should have been secretly pleased that she was suffering, but love isn’t perfect, as a matter of fact, love can be messy disagreement in a non-violent kind of way. We tolerate each others differences and learn from each other, but there’s this love we have and I was really frightened by her suffering.

Well, after Maya wrote her “Farewell Cruel World” blog we all expected her to lay down and die. Blue says that often happens when the medical doctors give up hope and the patient is so identified with their pain-body they believe death is knocking on the door. For others this news is a kind of freedom to explore unchartered possibilities and “to hell with convention let’s rock the casbah and trash the meds”. Or something like that.

Blue felt this new sense of freedom and figured that if the only recourse was to discuss a time to put Maya to sleep forever, then there was time to go off track and pack up the family for a trip to Colorado. Kinda like a “one last family vacation”, and ole Blue figured that if thousands of families were moving to Colorado for the possibility of saving their children’s lives with CBD oil, then it would probably work for animals as well. That’s cannabis oil to those of you who avoid all discussion of the medical properties of the miraculous Cannabis plant.

Anyway, Blue goes into the local health food store determined to find something that might ease Maya’s seizures. When the proprietor learned of her intention he guided her to a small bottle of the liquid gold itself, CBD oil, made from industrial hemp, no THC and grown organically in the warm climates of southern Spain.

We were all skeptical when Blue arrived home and promptly squirted a few drops into Maya’s mouth. Me, Blue and Seamus stood back watching Maya’s expression change from irritation to a nasty grimace that told us everything about the taste of this supposed miracle elixir. In the future it would be hidden in a bolus of raw hamburger meat willingly accepted by the new and improved Maya, Cairn terrier extraordinaire.

Not only did her seizures stop completely, but she put back on her weight, probably due to having the munchies, and is back to being her running, barking, annoying self all in a matter of three weeks. Most importantly, Blue has lost the deep sadness that comes from anticipating the loss of someone we all love.

You see what I mean about life being so strange? I am reminded of a poem mom read to us. She said it was written by an amazing poet named Rumi.

“The Sky is Blue. The world is a blind man squatting on the road.”

That about sums it up, doesn’t it?
October 29, 2016

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