Musing on This and That

Cairn terrier reflects
Maya Muses
The men are shooting outside the door, pretty close, but far enough to be legal. They should have stopped by now but they ignore the agreement and shoot on into the afternoon. Mom says your word is sacrosanct and that people have lost the importance of keeping their word.

The first Agreement of the Toltecs was to be “impeccable with your word”, meaning if you say this is how it will be then you hold to it instead of doing whatever your mood calls for. I have observed in my many doggie years that humans are in the age of me, my, and mine. Perhaps they are just overwhelmed with the horror that is flashing before their eyes every minute of every day and have become numb and very forgetful.

I’ve been having seizures. I’ll be running along just fine and then wake up in my mom’s arms hearing her calm voice whispering in my ear and for a moment I don’t know where I am or where I have been. Seamus says I just fall over and start paddling my legs, a bit of twitching before mom scoops me up and carries me back to the house. It scares me and I can see that it frightens the rest of the family as well. When something happens to one of us we share the pain and right now I am sad to be the cause for concern.

The gentle giant
My friend Pako came to visit a few days ago. He came to say good-bye to us. He’s 12 years old, my age actually, and his lungs are full of water and the doctor said “it could be soon”.  Whatever! I suppose it means that my big, gentle friend is preparing to die, but I think that I am too. It is all so very confusing. I just don’t know how to go about it. Pako was taking the Zen approach with a calm, detached demeanor, but maybe it was just that he couldn’t breathe very well.

I have been in pain for a long time now. Recently I was put on medication for heart disease and then antibiotics for something caused by ticks and fleas and mosquitoes and anything out there in the grass and bushes which I love to roll in, on, under, doesn’t matter to me. Except when mom thought I was rolling in bear poop but I had fallen on my side and was seizing. She thought I’d had a heart attack and it was the end of me. I figure that when it’s time to go it will happen, for me and for everyone. Eventually life just comes to an end.

So I want to say this about that. As a terrier I am a natural born killer, so I have seen death, caused death and now approach death with reluctance because I like it here. I live in the moment, unlike humans who are always looking to the past or future, I Maya, fearless cairn terrier see, hear, smell each moment. Can you say that about yourself, about your own life?

A thoughtful Cairn
You see I haven’t missed much. I didn’t work late at the office and miss out on my loved ones special moments; I didn’t squander my time or gamble away my mom’s money. I have a hearty appetite but I never let addiction run me and I am always kind and courteous to people I meet. To strange animals I am not always so kind, but that’s a characteristic I will just have to work on in the next incarnation. Know what I mean? I’ll put it off for another time and get on loving life while I have it to enjoy.

If I am lucky to have more time with my family here at the Stone House then you will hear of my exploits again. If not then do not mourn for me as my mom and Seamus will do plenty of that without any help from you.  As for Tessa, well cats pick up and keep going on to the next life and then the next. I’ve learned a thing or two from my critical feline sister.

If I have one thing to say to everyone then let it be this: Be kind, be generous, share your food and your love. Give lots of hugs and treats to your family, yeah even if they are cats. And always remember to live in the moment, where there is no fear of death, there is only life, sweet precious life.

Sunset on the Ridge

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  1. Carolyn Green says:

    Love that little Cairn. Never forget jumping on the table as Mom tried to give me a Jim Shin. Massage. It only helped me to smile and relax.


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