Dear Mom,

I am writing to thank you for bringing me into this world; for caring in your strict Irish Catholic way that I might one day make you proud. Towards the end you let me know you were pleased with how my life turned out. It was a surprise to both of us.

I have two small dogs and a grey cat now. In their eyes I am the mom and though I do not have to raise them to adulthood I do live with their permanent two year old emotional selves. I love it. We have become a family for these modern times and almost all my decisions are based on their welfare. I have grown and learned how to love from this family, how to love unselfishly. Animals do that to you.

Funny I could not manage this emotional evolution on my own or with another human being. Naturally there are many reasons for this some of which I might once have blamed on you, but no longer.

My animal family has taught me not only how to love, but how to forgive. How to let go and let the past slide away into the fog of memory. So I forgive you and create gratitude for those shining golden moments we shared together.

You once admitted that you never could understand me and I forgive you for that. I was born a fully freed spirit and came of age in 1968. There was nothing you could have done to stop what was going to happen any more that I could. In later years you gave me refuge when I needed it, as I did for you and we found a peace together as two women shaped by suffering.

My two doggies are yin and yang. Maya barks and talks and runs after everything. She has a big heart and a spirit that is ten times larger than her small cairn body. My little boy Seamus is quiet and loving. He sleeps near me and makes me laugh each day. Our cat Tessa balances us all with her independence and love for the home. I am sorry you never got to meet them.

I am blessed and grateful for this beautiful family I have been gifted. I thank you, mom, because every action, every step I have taken from the moment you gave me life has led me to this moment, this place of love, acceptance and gratitude.

I miss you, mom. Especially at Thanksgiving remembering how you would fill the house with strangers invited in off the street to share our feast, to become for that day a part of our family. I miss your generosity of spirit and cracking sense of humor. As I gather with family and friends this Thanksgiving I will raise a glass to your mighty heart and in thanks for the bond we once shared.

Dear Mom,

When you finish writing to your mom can we have some more turkey and giblets? Maya wants seconds of everything and Tessa only wants her crummy cat food. You know I am picky and will stick with the dark meat and sweet potatoes.

Oh, yeah and we give thanks for this short time we have together as a family. It’s been a lot of fun. Ok? so let’s eat some more……Yay!

Your loving family,
Seamus, Maya and Tessa

The Family

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Margie says:

    So poignant. Thanks, friend.


  2. Lily says:

    Family comes to us in many ways…I love yours.


    1. Thanks, Lil, for being a part of my family these many years.


  3. donna gellman says:

    this is so beautiful.. finding grace, beauty and gratitude for it all……thank you so much for your heart today, and now, for this…..


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