A Wager Between Gods

Maya & Seamus discuss weather

In another universe
God has siblings
A brother and sister
Creating worlds without end.

Our god
Earth god
Looks to Her brother’s
World of peace and harmony
And asks
How did you do it?

Her brother
Glances to Earth
And smiling says
It wasn’t easy
But I figured it out.

Says our god
My creation won’t
Stop fighting
They will destroy
Everything soon.

Looks that way
Says Her brother
Best do something
And quick.

I’ve tried everything
Rewards and punishment
Heaven and hell
None of them work.

Then go to Earth
Live among them
Be them.

Her sister
Looks upon Earth
And says mockingly

I wager
You cannot fix
That mess
Let them finish it off
Then start again.

Our god cries
I accept the wager.

Her brother laughs
Well then
Let’s make it interesting.

Say’s Her sister

Our Earth goddess
Incarnates as life
At the Earth level
With no boundaries
Says Her sister.

Then little goddess
Lives poor, rich, destitute
Crippled, insane, tortured
Loved, hated, killer, genius
Peace maker, yogi, saint.

Too easy
Says Her sister
Let Her also incarnate
As a brilliant scientist.

Go on.

Her body crippled
Her voice destroyed
With no memory of
Being a god.

You’ve hit upon it
She must ascertain
The glitch in Her
System that moves
Humans towards annihilation.

Do I have a say here?
Asks our god
Can I at least think
And reason
In this broken body?

Of course
Little sister
And best of all
You can love.

Now go figure it out.

What’s the wager?

Your planet
If you lose.

And if I win?

Acknowledged Goddess
Of all time and space.

And I have
Millions of lifetimes?

Little sister forgets
There is no time
And you are
Out of time.

Brother and sister smile
Our god laughs
And the Earth vibrates
To the crack of thunder.

Earth vibrated with the sound of thunder

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