Shih Tzu’s March Against Monsanto

Food Matters march

It was a beautiful day, none finer
Traffic on the road was light
Which did not bode well for a big turnout.

We were on our way to the protest march
Food Matters, which is important to me and Maya.

Mom was reluctant to go
As it was predicted the numbers
Of people taking time to march against Monsanto
Over a weekend holiday, would be small.

A handful, maybe
A hundred or so usual suspects
Dressed as bees, baby bees and butterflies
Holding up placards and chanting over and over
Hell no GMO; hell no GMO; hell no GMO.

Or maybe it was
Say NO to GMO; say NO to GMO.

Either way I insisted we go
And Maya wants to tell the world how
Lots of foods have now been contaminated
With genetic material from other species, like
Animals, plants and even human DNA.

The holiday party crowd protested that
For this weekend please let us munch our
GMO tainted corn chips in peace, gosh darn it
But not the bluegardenia4, because
There we were me, Maya and mom.

“Preaching to the choir”
Was one lady’s comment
“We just keep saying the same thing to the
Same people who know the food is poison
Who know that the Monsanto Corporation
Is out to control the world’s food supply
And thus the world in it’s entirety.”

This is a great idea to a Shih Tzu
As I have had the same ambition
And written about just that in this blog
Shih Tzu’s united to take over the world
But first we have to do away with Monsanto
The evil kingdom from  like, Lord of the Rings
Or some place gigantic like that.

It all started years ago
Mom would sit me, Maya and Tessa down
And coach us to call people in our community and
Educate them to stop Monsanto before they could
Begin the grand experiment with our food supply.

I know it is hard to imagine
A Shih Tzu talking on the telephone
But it went something like this…

Hello? Hi, Mrs. Walsh, this is Seamus
Yes, the Shih Tzu
Good, everything’s great, except for Monsanto
Planning to destroy our food, did you know about that?
Hello? Mrs. Walsh?
Mom, she hung up on me.

Call the next one on the list
Mrs. Walsh is a a number three
We only need the number one’s.

That’s mom’s rating system for people
Who will or won’t take a stand against injustice
Otherwise you can waste a lot of time
Trying to convince those who really
Don’t give a Shih Tzu about what is happening
To the world around them.

Take away their freedom of speech
Sure, why not
The freedom to grow food organically
Hey, leave it to the chemical industry
Obesity, cancer, disease, depression rising
That’s for the pharmaceutical industry to handle.

For Shih Tzu’s with a sensitive stomach
And a yen for mom’s home cooking
I say we rise up and say “Hell NO to GMO!”

So, off to march against Monsanto we went
Where me and Maya danced with a butterfly
And sent a message of solidarity to those
Other Shih Tzu’s marching in fifty-seven countries
Around the world, mourning the loss of our friends
Sugar beets
Yellow summer squash

And we danced and chanted
Holding up signs and shouting to the
World that we may be 20 years too late
But our dollar bill still does the kind of
Talking that big business needs to hear.

Butterfly Women

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