It’s a Cat Eat Dog World

bluegardenia4 & pups

[Tessa Recites]

Sometimes we have open mic moments here at the Stone House that can involve music, singing, poetry readings, dancing, acting out and/or howling at the moon, if in fact the moon is visible. On occasion it has happened that Seamus howled at nothing in particular but that’s probably because he was feeling melancholy, a Shih Tzu thing.

Recently mom arrived home singing an aria. She perched on one of the stones in the medicine circle and belted out Bellini’s, “Casta Diva” to the pups sitting at her feet. It was mom’s take on our favorite artist, Maria Callas. Maya and Seamus joined right in while I sat on the porch listening to her voice carry across the wetlands. I was excited. We were having an impromptu open mic and I was ready to perform.

Mom’s rendition wasn’t so bad. Not exactly the screech of a cat in heat, which I know well, or the low growl of a pit bull singing along to Elvis, as is seen on the internet, but the geese and ducks floating on the pond, the birds in the trees did suddenly quiet their songs so that mom could have her moment in the sun.

When she was done it was our turn to take the stage. I immediately approached the stone before the Pups could get there first. I leapt onto the one mom had just vacated and sat for a moment collecting myself. I was going to recite a poem me, Maya and Seamus have been working on based on our observation and experience of the human world.

Preparing to recite

Tess takes her place

Tessa taking a moment to prepare

When the sun arched in my direction, the birds backed me up with the doo wop of bird song, the Pups gave me the needed bass and jumped in on the Chorus, and I let it out for all to hear.

It’s a man eat woman world out there
Witches and Warlocks rage constant battle
In the suburbs old crones croon to dead babies
We are alone in a world gone mad

Send in the men to put out the fire

It’s a woman eat man world out there
In the season of the witch, baby
In the ‘Burbs daddies pounce daughters
Mommies seduce sons in a brain gone mad

Turn on YouTube NOW
My favorite show is coming on

It’s a woman eat woman world out there
Picking the bones of eligible men
In the ‘Burbs divorce is served for dinner
Baked marriage on the half shell

Mommy, I want something
Mommy, can I have something
Mommy, buy me something

It’s a parent eat child world out there
After all is said and done
Therapists track their living
From America’s abused babies

Send in the children to put out the fire

It’s a man eat God world out there
It’s a God eat man world out there
Will the real God please stand up
We want to get a look at you

Send in the God’s to put out the fire

It’s a human eat machine world out there
It’s a machine eat human world out there
When all of this is just a thought
A computer chip in the landfill

Then send in the Androids
They’ll put out the fire

It’s a cat eat dog world out there
It’s a dog eat cat world out there
When all our food is poisoned
And the river beds run dry

Can a drugged humanity
Wake in time to put out the fires

When I was done there was a moment of silence as everyone and everything around me absorbed what had just been said. I looked around at Maya and Seamus who gave me a smile of encouragement; then I heard the sound of mom clapping. It was a slow, sad sound echoing out into the vast universe of time and space. I took a deep bow and departed the stage.

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  1. Haralee says:

    A very smart and deep cat! Mine just purrrr


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