All Love Is the Same

Seamus on love

[Seamus on Love]

When you give your heart to someone
It is the greatest gift of all

This electromagnetic conductor
Actually, our first brain
Moves the river of blood
Reads the energy you are receiving
Communicates with the mind-brain
Holds all the stored and gathered knowledge
Experience and memories of your past and present

How the gift is received will determine your future

Maya has my heart, though she shows no appreciation
And Tessa, well, she’s a cat and they are fickle
And mom, she loves me unconditionally

And that’s the other thing – love
Can I, an 18 pound Shih Tzu feel love
The way human’s feel love
With all their desires and manipulations
Requirements and rules of engagement

I say Yes!
And this is how I love

With no expectations of being loved in return
There are no words, no sounds to signify feelings
I don’t have to do anything, I say nothing
Love has nothing to do with my actions
In as few words as possible

I am love

So too are Maya and Tessa
And so is my mom, although she has words
She likes to demonstrate her love
But I guess that’s what humans do

We animals just live love
Being with my family is the best
Just being
Quiet together we are each connected
And no words are needed, nothing else

I love my mom
My mom loves me
There has never been any doubt in my mind
Yet humans doubt all the time
They become consumed with suspicion
With jealousy and mental suffering
Their mind warps the heart
Until a deep shadow covers the light within

They forget they are pure love
And when this happens there is a death
A dying to the true nature of their soul

I can smell it on people
A rancid scent in the energy body
And I am sad for them
I go and sit nearby or rest my head
On their shoulder knowing they have lost
The most important part of their self
They have lost their heart
They have lost their connection to love

A man came to the Stone House
To fix the old slate tiles sliding off with the melting snow
You could see how once he had been a handsome man
But time and disappointments in life and love
Had broken him down
He now wore his belly over his belt
And a sadness in his eyes that spoke of much loss

He really liked doggies
Good rough house petting that can only come
From a man unafraid of using his hands

His heart energy told me of his memories
Of other animals and people he had loved
Then after he had gone I spoke to Maya

M&S talking about love

He was a nice man, don’t you think, My?

Sad, but nice. He really paid attention to us.

You can always tell, right?

Lost love?


He’s given up ever finding it again.

Hmmm, long time ago, I’d say. He likes doggies though. We brought him right back to life.

That’s our mission, little brother, to bring a glimmer of love to the surface so it can be recognized and grasped.

Feels like he gave up on himself – they always do – no Self love. When love no longer comes from an outside source humans feel abandoned and lost.

Well, we feel that too, it’s natural to feel pain with rejection; but we are love at all times and he never knew that is who he is. Life could have been different for him knowing that.

It baffles me how humans can run the world having no idea of love! They are blind to the passive-aggressive relationship they have with the Earth. We love you, but we can and will destroy you. That can only come from a lack of Self-love.

And addiction. Addiction to technology, to food, to alcohol, drugs, possessions, to other people they cannot have, this is what runs the human mind.

And the love stays buried, unless they have a doggie or cat to let the light shine in and the love reflect out. I think I’m going to become a poet. It suits my Shih Tzu nature. What do you think, My?

Sure, why not, there have been worse poets than you.

A Poem, by Seamus the Shih Tzu

All love is the same
Whether for sun, moon, woman, child
The difference lies in the expression of love
Do not seek to kiss the sun

Sounds like a bad translation of some ancient Chinese text.

Could be, could be. We artist’s draw from many sources.

And that last line, what does it mean?

Hahahaha, live long enough and you’ll find out.

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  1. Haralee says:

    I love this post! Who knew the complexities of life and love are seen so clearly through the eyes of a couple of Shih Tzus?


    1. I agree, Haralee, who would have thought? I have learned so much about unconditional love from Maya & Seamus and have observed them with other people, so we each speak from experience. Thanks for your comment.


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