The Reward of Patience

Walking forward2

“The reward of patience is patience.” 

That, supposedly, is a direct quote from the illustrious St. Augustine (354-430), who is also quoted as saying, “Patience is the companion of wisdom”. The virtue of patience must have been much on his mind that he wrote so much about it. Probably dealing with all the theologians of his time saying the world is flat and the sun revolves around the Earth.

First spring flower

In nature you cannot rush the growth of plants by pulling on new shoots before they form roots. It requires patience to wait for the process to unfold. As a cat I can tell you that I am much more patient than Maya, the ferocious terrier, who wants it all right now. Oh, sure, she will wait because she often has no choice, but if it was up to her to decide there would be no waiting through the process.

Listening to my mom on the phone with a computer technician I heard her ask if he ever had people yell at him and lose patience out of frustration. I could hear him answer that it was his job to keep the situation calm and assure the customer that he will do his best to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Which sorta means that people totally lose their cool and yell at him all the time.

The winter months teach us patience and it is that waiting period of knowing that nothing can be done and to just enjoy, or in my case to sleep through, the long moments.

Winter sun

And then Wham! the reward is a burst of light, color and warmth.

Pink sky/Stone circle

The alternative is to seek warmer climates, but there is little space for hibernation and deep inquiry, so winter patience is less a lesson and must be learned in other ways, like at a four-way stop light.

So in honor of the rewards of patience I have made a list of things to remember next time you try to push things too far, too fast. What would you add to the list? Please share in the comments box what you have learned about the lesson of patience.

By Tessa, the cat

Patience allows for the natural flow of events to unfold.
Impatience tries to rush things into happening.
Patience tolerates our differences with room for understanding.
Impatience sees only one side.
Patience gives us time to see that the job is done right.
Impatience hurries us into accepting mediocrity.
Patience is a form of unconditional love.
Impatience is about satisfying the ego.
Patience allows time for living in the moment.
Impatience lives in an undetermined future.
Patience allows time for forgiveness to happen.
Impatience rushes judgement and quickly condemns.
Patience allows creativity time to blossom.
Impatience shuts down the creative spirit.

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