bluegardenia4 on “Following”

Winter cats

I am learning to “Follow” blogs on WordPress. This however, takes considerable time and patience to cull through the lengthy list of bloggers and choose whom to spend time with over days and weeks, as if having moved to a new town one sets out to meet like-minded friends.

In real time I am more familiar with “following” Nature and all things wild that cross my path.

Cattails for instance. Each season I watch them morph from one shape to another and at each stage they are useful for providing food, fuel, shelter, stuffing for pillows and even medicine due to their antiseptic qualities.

Then there is the beaver dam, a work of ingenious art, with a purpose to maintain the water level so they can comfortably build down below. If I do not follow the beaver then the pond will overflow the dyke and wash it all away. Following the beavers natural design, I have learned not to remove too much of the mud and branches lest we release too much water into the wet lands.

In the summer I follow the bald eagle as he flies in and sits on a branch in the dead tree at the edge of the pond. The same spot the Blue Heron occupies each morning, so it must be the place to see what swims deep and that which skims the surface of the water.

I follow the migration of the coyote and the tall red fox to know when to let my pups out and when to take heed with their lives.

I follow the music of the peeps and frogs in springtime hidden within the marshland at the back of the pond. The chorus of geese and ducks calling out their mating ritual harmonizes with the slapping of wings atop the water and the whistle of a red tail hawk circling for prey.

Most of the time I follow the confident swagger of Maya, my cairn terrier, as she leads the way out into the back yard; and the tight hipped sway of Seamus, my over bred Shih Tzu. They leap out into the natural world, excited to be following the scents passing through on a breeze or the sounds of nature magnified to their sensitive ears (40 kHz to our human 20 kHz).

Following blogs is a bit like stepping out into unlimited space populated by words and photos without the actual warmth of flesh and blood bodies. We use our imagination as to what someone’s voice sounds like – if what they say is real or is anyone who they really say they are?

In nature there is always truth and no excuses for what it takes to survive. I find it so much easier to follow the cry of the loon to another loon across space; a lone coyote howling to his pack or at the brilliance of a full moon.

I suppose with blogging we cry out to each other across cyber space in hopes of being heard. In hopes of easing the loneliness even living within our clan of family and friends can bring. On the web we can be anyone and no one; with no past or future, just a singular moment when our words and photos appear on a strangers screen perhaps right next door or thousands of miles away.

I have found creative and inspiring blogs to “follow” in my surfing the web; but if I do not follow you, forgive me, as it is much more likely that I am off in the row boat following the sound of Mother Nature as she calls to my soul to listen, be present and find instead a moment of stillness within her web of life.

Autumn Cat Tails

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