Ode to Winter

Seamus reflects

[Seamus Reflects]

We are caught in the between times when winter gives a few belches of snow before settling in for the spurt of growth. As the ice melts there is brown everywhere with a few mounds of dirty white like prehistoric glaciers from the first snow fall back in November.

This is a different brown, a muted melange of olive greens, tan, and burnt umber, perhaps a flash of sienna left over from autumn. It signals an emerging from deep winter when Mother Earth, pregnant with life, held to stillness. It is the calm before rebirth and renewal.

This time has been celebrated since the beginning of humans appearance on earth. The rituals of spring honor the bringing forth of new life, new ideas and possibilities for all species. It is a time to manifest the plans and dreams nurtured in the stillness of winter and now can be loosed upon the world.

This morning we took the boat out and rowed around the circle of remaining ice. The cat tails surround the pond like old women gathered to witness this sacred transformation of life, death, to rebirth. Autumn rains softened the ladies and now they stand like soft torch heads fuzzy and loose ready to explode their seeds into the wind, to settle where they may.

First mom had to loosen the Beavers dam and let some of the water out before it overflowed the divide. The big beaver slapped his tail a few times when we walked to the boat. He knew what we had done and he didn’t like it. Now he has to go out in the night and meticulously place each branch to insure a perfect frame for the mud and leaves to stop the water. Truly ingenious, mom says.

There are rituals to be done and fires lit to warm the chill of a spring night, but it allows us all time to shake off the winter cold still held in our bones, to warm the kidneys and shift power to the liver for purifying the blood. But I remember the long winter months with fond memories.

Here then is my Ode to Winter, a moment in time, before the heavy snows fell. It is what Mother Earth needs to renew so that we may once again grow our lives, feed our bodies and prepare our minds for the abundance of summer.

May this time of renewal bring forth your greatest dreams and and may they find roots to grow.

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