The Obstacle

Snow horse watching Seamus

Seamus Narrates

Today is the first day of spring. Give thanks for all that is good and warm. In my world there is snow falling, the type of snow that clumps in my fur making it hard to run like the wind. But that doesn’t stop me or Maya from racing around the yard looking for something to terrorize.

Now resting after a decent meal of sweet potatoes and carrots simmered with a big chunk of bone, then finished with ground turkey and a splash of EVO, I wax nostalgic for the fine summer days gone past.

One in particular comes to mind. I was on the porch, enjoying the summer breeze blowing off the pond. Tessa was stretched out on the stone step and Maya was moving through the grass, terrier nose to the ground, following a scent even I could not detect. Well, then she ran into an immovable obstacle. Tessa just laying in wait to torment her tormenter.

I am fascinated as to how obstacles show up out of nowhere and stop us dead in our tracks. What to do? Go over, around, under? Or do we stand in denial hoping that something or someone will come along and move the boulder out of our way. I watched Maya weigh the decision, wondering what Tessa might do if she made a move to go past her. In the end we must all make a move, right or wrong, or risk being stuck in the same place forever.

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