Tessa’s Parable

Cat cleaning fur

I have a story to tell you, a parable. I’ve been laying here cleaning myself and sleeping for two months now thinking of the stories mom has told us over the years. It has given me a richer understanding of the humans I do my best to avoid. I remembered this particular parable the night of the big blizzard.

It is about a small white fox. The keeper of magic is what the Native Americans would say about this little guy, a shape shifter, invisible, but more accurately put, wily. Yes, as in wily like a fox. This story unfolds at a farm nearby, a vegetarian learning center and community supported garden; a special place that recognizes the deep connection between the seen and unseen worlds.

Now it is important to remember that the wily fox is a shape shifting son of a ***** and lives in the between times. One foot in material reality and the other three in a whole other dimension of time and space. How do I, Tessa, the terrible, know this? I’m a feline remember? A genetic marvel descended from the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt. I carry the DNA to see beyond your own limited scope.

On this beautiful farm lived a pair of peacocks. Thor, the male, was a real dandy. You probably know the type; big, flamboyant tail feathers in turquoise and gold spread out for the sole purpose of being admired. His companion, Juna, a submissive female, was many shades and variations of the color white and she ignored Thor as best she could.

It comes to happen that a Mr. Fox appeared one day at the farm and everyone was amazed by how he boldly let himself be seen moving around the yard. Suspicious at first the community of women began to welcome Mr. Fox who would stop by each day as if to say hello before melting back into the woods.

A week went by and one day the women noticed that Mr. Fox had brought his family to live near the farmhouse. There was daddy fox, mommy fox and three small kits all making their home under the empty garage. And each day Mr. Fox would stop by the farm office and let the ladies know that he was there as a peaceful fox and not to worry.

Well, the women were ecstatic! Imagine living with this wild creature that no one ever gets to see, one that is now living in plane sight and bringing along his whole family. What a delight and an honor! Camera’s were discretely popping up against the windows when Mr. Fox appeared in the yard.

And miracle of all Thor and Juna, growing fat in anticipation of the coming winter; and usually perched atop the farmhouse roof; even they were beginning to grow comfortable to the presence of the fox family. The horrible screeching of the peacocks was reduced to a few surprised screeches of which Mr. Fox was very grateful.

Word spread and people came to see the fox family for themselves. Research was shared on fox lore and intrigued by the shape shifting, everyone wanted fox as their special totem. Mom interjected here saying that it was a romantic notion and gave each person a rare taste of the mystical Divine.

A few weeks went by and the fox kits were growing bigger with each day. Mrs. Fox was weighed down with feeding them and Mr. Fox was out on the hunt returning later and later in the afternoon. The women would make sure to take an after lunch walk past the den and look to see how cute and big the kits were growing. One day they would go off and start their own dens, the women said, but we had this wonderful experience and will never forget.

The next morning they awoke to find Mr. Fox and his whole family gone from under the garage. Gone too were Thor and Juno, grown fat enough to feed a growing family. Mr. Fox had waited patiently until the right moment presented itself; just when the women were trusting and the kits were no longer satisfied with small game. He waited until Juno and Thor were big and fat and then in the shadows of the night he bid farewell to the farm and took his prize off into the woods to feed his family.

Mom always laughs at the end of the story, then she sighs and tells us that it is the parable of the pharmaceutical companies, the processed food industry, the meat industry, the medical establishment, the advertising business; all these wily fox run corporations have slipped into our yards and got us to trust them. And all along the men and women of these corporations know that manipulation and control is what they are after, not the common good for each individual or each community of people. A parable for the times, mom says, taught to us by Mother Nature.

Ah, yes, but do you ever wonder what to do about this deception? Well, a cat’s advise is to not let the fox into the yard in the first place, but once in, you must stay vigilant and protect what is important lest one morning you wake up and all is gone.

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  1. lilypup says:

    Came over from Blogging 101 to check out your blog. What an absolutely stunning header!!!


    1. Thanks Lilypup, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts as well.


  2. WyoRaven says:

    Tessa is very wise indeed. The fox is well versed in manipulation, and knows exactly to say and do to gain our trust. He is so good, in fact, it is sometimes hard to discern the truth from the lies. We need to ask ourselves if we really need what the fox has to offer. He may be delightful to watch and a joy to have around, but Tessa is right. He’s wily and is just waiting for us to let our guard down.


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