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  1. You did great work on this slide show. I really enjoyed the way you put together a group of lovely photos with insights into Seamus’ perspectives. The combination is very multi-media – nice. And I liked Shameless Seamus’ perspectives (especially the one at 2.06).


    1. Thank you, Sabrina. Fortunately we had eight inches of snow so I could stay put and get the work done. The slide show format has inspired some new ideas so let’s see what the rest of the winter will bring.


  2. Elle Knowles says:

    Great slideshow – if animals could only talk! 😉 ~Elle


    1. I find there are many animal lovers who like to imagine what their pets are thinking, barking, meowing or telling each other. Thought I would take a stab at translating.

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      1. Elle Knowles says:

        That would be a great career! Animal translator! LOL! ~Elle


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