When the Aliens Arrive

Maya staring

Maya Talks

We came through the ice storm on Sunday intact, for me it was a day to curl up and sleep. I did see Marco across the yard and my low growl alerted mom to a rumble brewing. When she called my name to stay put I let her know it wasn’t worth sliding across the ice to get to him. Yeah, it was that bad.

Later, settled in front of the fire blazing in the hearth, mom relaxed and turned on something called Ted Talking.

“It’s Ted talking, pups. Let’s hear what new ideas are being manifested out in the world today.”

I couldn’t make out all the words, but I understood the tone and pitch of mom’s voice as she was working up a lather listening to some man.

“This scientist is saying that one day soon we will make contact with a race of aliens who live many millions of light years away on another planet, in another galaxy or even possibly in our galaxy. Just watch, as the universe reveals Her treasures we will discover that humans are the low man on the path of evolution. What a shock that will be to the average Joe walking this planet.”

Seamus and I have often discussed this possibility and well, Tessa weighed in with her opinion not too long ago. Our concern was that contact with an alien species might bring along a different type of dog and cat that may find us Earthling animals tasty morsels to eat. I, Maya, will need to know how to defend myself if it comes to doing battle.

Then mom shrieked and my ears rang, but she was laughing and talking now at the same time.

“Ha, ha, ha, this brilliant man is saying…that it will no doubt be an advanced civilization, maybe a thousand or even a million years more evolved and will speed up our advancements with what we can learn from them. But, my friends, if these aliens are so advanced then they know not to reveal themselves to us! Why? Why you ask?”

My ears were up and my head cocked to the side just waiting to know what the hell mom was so excited about.

“Because, militant Maya, the governments and armies of the world will try their damnedest to capture, torture and take from the aliens all knowledge they have brought to share with us. And our largest corporations will attempt to steal the intergalactic GPS leading to a treasure trove of precious metals; while religions will grasp for any explanation confirming the existence of a God. This superior species is asking for trouble when the ping they send out through the cosmos lands on our shores.”

We could see mom was excited by the possibility of this new friend we might make. Her eyes were bright and wild, her hair disheveled and her pajamas due a washing, but in that moment she radiated something intangible; some knowing that I was not able to understand.

“Already humans cannot cope with the hatred and bigotry between the races. White against black; Jew against Arab; Asian against Asian against the rest of the world. Good lord, how will we ever tolerate a superior alien species?”

I barked my agreement! Cairn against cat, cairn against possum, against coyote, skunk, and rabbit. Any animal that is not like me is suspect and cannot be trusted. After all we must defend ourselves against contamination of the species, protect our tribes from extinction and still manage to survive our relentless contamination of the earth.

At this point Seamus became concerned and began to lick mom’s face and neck. Ah, yes, the peacemaker. There must always be those who can bridge the hatred of species with love and non-violence.

The scientist stopped talking and the room went silent. The firelight flickered and mom closed her eyes, crossed her legs and sat in stillness. Time passed and when she finally opened her eyes me and Seamus sat staring at her. Where had she gone that she came back so calm and focused?

Mom gave a big sigh and told us that all the people and things in life that cause so much suffering are opportunities for humans to practice and learn loving compassion and kindness. She said that a fierce enemy is our greatest teacher and I thought of Marco and exchanged a look with Seamus.

“In other words Maya, my ferocious terrier, we mush turn inward and explore the heart and let it reveal its true wisdom of love. All of humanity must prepare for this meeting with an alien world so that when we meet them, we do so with our hand extended in peace.”

Later I asked Seamus what he thought and he said that he was still thinking about what the aliens might look like, because if they look completely different from humans then……

“Then what?” I asked
“Dunno, My, just hope I’m not here to see it.”
“Yeah, little brother, me too.”

3 Comments Add yours

  1. susurrus says:

    I often think we should try harder to communicate with the intelligent life we have on our planet first, such as whales, elephants etc, before we look further afield. I think that’s what you’re saying here, but in a different way.


    1. Susan, I feel that if the scientists at SETI are correct about contact with an alien world then we need to be ready for when that happens. And learning to live in peace with our human brothers and sisters will help to prepare us.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. MSchiller says:

    I love it! You have captured the Cairn voice perfectly!


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