Coyote Lore

Seamus listening for Coyotes

Seamus speaks

The coyotes came into the yard last night looking
For food or maybe because we have a big fat hare
Hopping around the bamboo stand getting fatter by
The day, which is against the law of nature in winter
Time when all are cold, hungry and looking for food.

The neighbors text message arrived too late for mom
To know that coyotes were right outside our door
Waiting for me and Maya to step out for our evening pee.

No sooner does the door open than Maya takes off
Running and barking like she is going to chase the
Coyotes and pick a good fight in the doing, but mom
Was right out the door after her making as much noise
As Maya hoping to scare off anything & anybody
Prowling outside in the shadows of the dark night.

Later, tucked into bed we could hear the yip, yip, yip of
Coyotes calling across the pond to each other and we
Each understood how close we had come to meeting a
Pack of wild dogs moving through woods and fields looking
For a meal on a night frozen and empty of warm blooded game.

To calm us down Mom opened a book and read that according
To Native American lore the coyote is a sacred animal
The “keeper of magic” with a keen intelligence and a
Reputation for playing the joker and being the wise fool.

Then she surprised us by reading that coyotes have
Been known to team up with the badger and hunt together
At this there was a moment of silence as we each contemplated
Coyote and badger moving through the night to hunt earthworms
And frogs, which are a favorite of badger, but the next sentence
Read that sometimes coyote eats badger and badger
Will eat coyote, so then we were confused and mom
Said, ” Ah, the vagaries of nature”, and closed the book.

Coyotes are not always visible to the eye, even the sharp
Cairn eyes of Maya, the hunter, but we can smell them
From across the pond and into the woods where they hide
Watching two little doggies pretend to be fierce and wild.

That night I dreamed of two coyotes at the edge of the woods
And Maya charged them barking with her tail at full attention
Racing right up to their faces talking alpha, baby, alpha and
I was afraid and wanted to run away, but stood frozen in place.

Looking down at her one coyote said to the other,
“Hey, dude, do you see what I see?”
“Yeah, man, a miniature wolf?”
“No, dude, more like a white fox.”
“Actually, I think it is one of those exotic breeds.”
“Whoa, yeah dude, a shrunk down dog.”
“Shrunk way down, but still pretty fierce.”
“Not too smart though to approach a coyote.”
“Watch your legs, dude, she might take you down.”
“Ha, ha, ha, her head fits in my jaw, bitch, no chance.”
“Not much meat on her, dude, should we eat her?”
“No time, here comes her mom, looking pretty pissed.”
“Is that a shovel she’s carrying?”
“Yeah, dude, probably to bury our bodies when she’s done.”
“Ok, little white doggie, we’ll be back, so stay cool.”
“Yeah, and cool it with the barking, you woke the pups this morning.”

With that the coyotes slipped into the trees leaving Maya to
Deal with mom racing up, breathing hard, and ready to swing
That shovel at anything that could be seen to move.

When I woke from the dream and saw we were safe in bed
With Tessa clawing the carpet to wake us up, and mom telling
Tess to stop clawing the carpet, and Maya jumping on mom
To get to Tessa, then leaping off the bed just missing me
Stretching and licking my privates, I was suddenly grateful
For all that I have and thankful the coyotes were far away
And all part of the larger dream of the great Universe story.

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