Seamus On Life

Shih Tzu on pink bed

For me every day is one fine day
First we wake up, then we wake mom up
Then she grumbles down the steps and lets
Us out into the cold, dark morning.

Maya goes tearing off into the darkness
Intent on cornering some wild beast
I follow behind, a bit more cautious and
Tessa goes off in her own unknown direction.

After a good morning run mom feeds us
Then we relax while she drinks her tea
At a certain time, usually decided by Maya
Who stares at mom and makes this low
Growl that she can do without coughing.

Mom tries to ignore her, but My can keep it up
Until we all want to beg her to please stop
So up gets mom with an “Ok, let’s go then”
And out we go into the morning sun for a
Long walk in the surrounding countryside.

What’s not to love about that?
Food, shelter, love, rest, exercise
Keeps me focused right on the moment
And that’s where I live, in the moment
You should try it sometime
No worries about the past and no concern
For a future that has yet to arrive.

There is only now, right this instant, not at all
How I see humans living their chaotic lives
Go, go, go, mom’s here, then gone, then here
Out we go for another quick walk, then gone
I don’t know how she does it, but I guess
That’s what being human is all about.

Now Tessa has a theory about humans
She thinks they were put on earth just to
Indulge and serve their pet cats and doggies
And this idea bears some careful consideration.

Since the winter arrived Tessa has
Been staying indoors, sleeping mostly
Oh, yeah, and peeing and pooping in
Her own special box in the bathroom
Me and Maya get in trouble when we
Stick our noses into the litter box and
Oh, boy what an amazing smell!

Tessa gets waited on hand and paw
With her poop box cleaned fresh each day
While me and Maya sink under the snow
Looking for a spot to take a cold pee.

A bone of contention between our species
But I haven’t figured out how to get
Into the box and how is that going to happen
When I need just the right place plus an
Intricate circling ritual before taking a poop.

So maybe she’s right and humans are
Here on earth to take care of all our needs
And all that running around they do endlessly
Chasing their own tails goes to prove
They are just not as smart as animals are.

Oh, I hear the food bowls rattling downstairs
Gotta go for now, but maybe for the new year
You can slow down and enjoy this great mystical
Journey while you still can and remember to
Stay present to each and every moment.

I know, mom says it’s easier said than done
That is takes lots of practice, but makes life easier
So best listen to how a Shih Tzu sees the world
After all we were bred to live in the lap of luxury.

Shih Tzu resting

2 Comments Add yours

  1. oriana77 says:

    It certainly is a dog’s world, as we travel extensively with our old yellow Labrador, young German Shepherd and indoor cat. Couldn’t live without them.

    Really enjoyed reading some of your posts.


    1. I’ve just begun to travel long distances with mine and they were just fine as long as they were with me, they are happy. Thanks for commenting and safe travels.


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