We Meet Scout

3 Friends on trail

One fine, crisp Autumn afternoon
We meet Scout, a Cairn terrier like Maya
Introduced I was my usual stand off
Kind of guy and Maya was up in his face
Aggressive, tail raised and growl rumbling
Just asking, spoiling for a fight.

I could see Scout think it over for a moment
Then he backed off and let Maya be alpha
I mean every doggie let’s Maya be alpha
Otherwise watch out world sparks are going to fly.

Scout was a cool dude
Sometimes he would stay overnight when
His mom was away, but he would always
Blow it by peeing or pooping on the carpet
And home he would go with no second chance.

That’s my mom, great to be around
But it’s her way or the highway
That’s just a saying I picked up listening to humans
Talk, which is what they love to do, about everything.

So this one day we get strapped into our walking
Gear and we meet up with Scout and his mom
She has a strange accent when she talks
I heard my mom say she was Irish, which
Sounded like high strung and nervous.

So, I ask myself, why are these women so
Anxious when everything is peaceful
It’s a beautiful day, no hikers on the trail
The air is autumn sharp and best of all
There are plenty of squirrels to terrorize
I just don’t get this human glitch of never
Being satisfied with what life has to offer.

We turn up a dirt road and walk a field of corn
Way over my head, but then a path appears
Leading into the brush and mom starts yelling
Whoa! Danger ahead, ALERT! Ticks, ticks danger!
This is more for herself than for us cause she
Has to pick them off us or risk getting the Lymes.

Suddenly there was the river running slow and lazy
We forgot the ticks and let out a yelp of surprise full
Of joy and  happiness for what we had just discovered

Cairn terrier by the river

We stayed and played in the water, splashing, slurping
Laying out flat like Maya likes to do to cool her belly
Gotta love Cairns…….I will say no more.

Then later pooping and puking through the night
“Lovely,” mom muttered before lifting us into
The bathtub and off the antique Persian carpet.
Then finally a good nights sleep for all
Lulled by the river whispering in dreams
Our names caught and lifted by a passing breeze.

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  2. Christine krippene says:

    Very enjoyable to read..good doggie pals and beautiful photos


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