Sunday in Maya’s World

Sunday morning

This morning it is country quiet. By that I mean the sound of birds calling across the wetlands, a deep underlying silence that brings forth the resonance of the earth breathing. The moment is still and there is a softness that lulls me back to a curled sleep. Mom is agitated, I can sense it with my laser Cairn nerves. Last night the bucolic night was shattered by the arrival of the neighborhood tribe of “dudes”. They are tearing down the old house next door, clearing and burning the fields, chain sawing the lumber and at night getting wild drunk around the burning fires. Naturally this means whooping and screaming, truck radios blaring and glass smashing. Sometimes they set off fireworks, or scream their tires out the driveway honking all the way out to the road. It sets my nerves on high alert, gets me barking and Seamus frightened. Sleep is impossible.

Sometimes mom walks over and asks them to lower the volume, sometimes she brings along the landlady, and sometimes she stands on the porch and yells down the drive. They hear her and most times choose to ignore her. I know she wonders what to do next. Call the  police? Contact the city council? Alienate her new neighbor for good? It is not just the inconsideration of noise, the entitlement of thinking that this is acceptable behavior, but these men are drunk when they climb into their big trucks and head out onto the highway. Each one now a lethal weapon speeding through the night. What does she do with that dilemma? Mind her own business and wait for someone to die?

Loud noises are a big scare for me. I hear them so much louder than you do, like hundreds of times louder. I really hate thunder, but gunshots are the worst. It will be hunting season soon and I dread the sounds of death ringing through our peaceful valley. Yes, I know all about keeping the herds of deer under control and the number of black bears down and the turkey and partridge, well, they’re just for eating. But my brother the coyote and fox, the wolf and pesky beavers, they just get in the way of humans trying to control all of nature, so they have to be exterminated too.

From what mom says humans do the same to other humans, exterminate them I mean, and this is considered an evil thing to do. Yet, we animals are all subject to extermination for being homeless while the poor homeless people wander the cities and they don’t exterminate them. I suggest they pair up the homeless people with a homeless animal and improve both lives. Seamus and I could have ended up in a kill shelter, but mom said we were too “cute” and that would never have happened.

It’s 7:00 AM and the chain saws are revving up. It is going to be another noisy day.

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