Meet Marco

Marco the adversary

When we moved to the Stone House
We met Marco, the landladies cat.
Personally I like cats, even wonder
If there isn’t a bit of cat DNA hidden
In my genes somewhere.
I prefer them to dogs and always try
To make a show of extending friendship,
But Marco was not big into trust
And preferred to skip the friendship part
And move right into hiss and attack.

The chubby bastard had swollen eyes
Because his eye lashes grew down
Into the eye causing swelling and tearing
And made for a really nasty mood.
I’d be pissed off at everyone too
So I sympathize, but going after my sister
Tessa crossed the line; and so Maya and
I swore a vengeance on Marco.

Each time we would see him around the house
We’d go for him and try to take him down.
Gotta say though, he’s fast, and he’s mean.
Maya’s the real aggressor, I just play
Wing man and steer Marco right towards her.

Marco has nailed her a few times though, blood
Above her eye and a scratch on the nose.
The way mom went on you would have thought
We’d done something wrong.
How can defending your family be wrong?
Plus Maya loves a good fight, keeps her young.

We almost had him a few times too.
One time he was sitting on the landladies lap
Enjoying the view of the pond, a real bucolic scene,
Right out of a Rockwell painting.
Maya motions to me to take the left side of the deck
And she goes right to block the exit.
We moved so fast fat boy leapt into space and
Took off running with us chasing all the
Way to the neighbors property, a long way away.

But then mom comes yelling and the landlady,
Well, let’s just say the ladies are not very happy.
Ok, so we back off for awhile, keep peace in
The neighborhood, but late one night we
Hear Tessa yowling like she’s defending
Her life, then she switches to a deep
Threatening growl and me, mom, and Maya
Jump out of bed to go rescue Tessa,
Because we know it’s Marco.
Sheesh, some guys just never learn.

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    1. Thanks for your feedback and I hope you enjoy our future posts.


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