When Shih Tzu’s Rule

Discussing human's inhumanity

Lately mom has been reading books about
Man’s inhumanity to other men and women.
First there was the one about Nazis scientists
Brought to America and given prestigious
Jobs to continue creating death weapons.

A bit overwhelmed she turned to a popular
Novel about slavery in the south back when
It was legitimate to own slaves and prosper
Without guilt or remorse for this way of life.

Weighted by the past, she told us it still exists!
Worldwide there is slavery, chemical weapons
Torture, genocide, rape, pedophilia, and war.
So that when there is a brief moment of
Humanity coming together to help another
There is a collective sigh of self congratulation.

Reminds me of those water lily’s growing out
Of pond muck, scum and mud to blossom
Into a beautiful flower reaching for the sun.

In the dog world we hunt for food, defend
If attacked, sleep, eat, procreate, live peacefully
With other species and leave all the rest to humans;
Although we have come to realize that it’s not such
A good idea to surrender to a bunch of knuckleheads.

Mom gets really pissed off when one of her
New Age friends tells her that humans are on
The brink of a major consciousness shift.
She tells them they are living in La-la land and
To stop waiting for the impossible to happen.
Ha ha ha, boy do they look surprised when
She sets them straight about those illusions.

That’s what she calls it, illusions, when humans
See and believe what they want to see and believe
Rather than discern the reality of a situation.
I think it has to do with her yoga training.
She reads old books about the benefits of
Doing strange things with the mind and body.

And boy, you should see her imitate the way
Maya and I stretch our bodies each day;
She laughs and says, “Up dog, down dog,
And that, ladies and gentlemen is how it is done.”

You see, the natural world has all the answers
And once humans realize they are destroying all
The clues to the treasure hunt it could be too late.
I imagine that pulled back from the brink
Of disaster there can be peace and happiness
In a world where Shih Tzu’s make all the rules.
Ha ha ha, just sorta kidding, but what an idea!

Dreaming of Shih Tzu rule

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