Tessa’s Story

Seamus finds Tessa in snow

I came to the Stone House one winters’ day when taken for a ride with my friend Eddie, we were tossed out onto a country road and watched as the car sped away. I looked at Eddie who was deaf and a bit dumb and with a nod good-bye took off towards the big stone farmhouse. Eddie headed across the street and I learned later, from a wild black Tom cat, that he ended up living with about 20 other cats in a neighbors garage, real communal style. Myself, I liked the look and smells coming from the farmhouse and when I finally made contact with the weird little guy named Seamus, I thought I might have a chance to get in the door.

I tend to get along well with certain dogs, but they have to be open minded about me. I’ve noticed how people turn against other species, even their own kind, in violent ways, but I see no need for such a divide. Far as I can see there are too many people and animals living on this small planet and getting along can insure our on-going evolution. Just saying.

Now this little guy Seamus was real curious when he found me under the porch that winter morning and sensed I was in trouble. Feeling too weak to run I had the what-the-hell kind of attitude, if this was my day to die then there was no fight left in me.

I was cold and starving and exhausted from coughing all the time. Seamus would crouch down and tell me he wanted to be friends. He was kinda cute for a dog and I started to open up and tell him about myself, you know getting thrown out of the car and no food to eat because all the mice were safe and warm in the basement of the house. Sure enough didn’t he go back to his mom and tell her I was there and could I come in out of the cold?  Real sweet.

His mom didn’t have to coax me when she peered over the mounds of snow and asked if I would like to come inside. I moved right over to her, dirty, sick and worm infested and she looked up at Seamus peering over the deck edge and she sighed, he sighed and that’s how  I came to live in the Stone House. But there was one other thing to mention, the great cough. I could hear human mom discussing the cough with visitors, who seemed to know about cats. Hairball was a common diagnosis, but nothing was coming up and the cough just kept getting worse.

Human mom was reluctant, but took me to the vet anyway and left me there. I thought, well that’s it, she’s passed me off to the next handler, can’t blame her. I missed the Stone House, but the hospital was warm, two meals a day, and if not for the shots and medications I could have been content to sit out the winter. On the third day I was carried into a room and there was Mom. What a surprise! She sat in a chair and the nurse handed me to her and said the condition was lung worm and needed serious treatment and isolation, then she left us alone.

I walked around the room embarrassed for bringing this problem to Seamus’s family. Mom called me by a new name, Tessa, she said, come over here sweetness. And I went, right up onto her lap. She spoke to me then, asked if I wanted to be a part of the family, to live with Seamus, Maya and her in the Stone House? It was my decision. The touch of her hand calmed me down, let me consider that this was a serious commitment to make, a true adoption. I rubbed my head against her belly to seal the bargain and she laughed in acknowledgement. We went home, medicine in hand and I had a family, a real live family, I was a happy cat!

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