The Rumble

Maya looking for mouse

Maya’s Side of the Story.

On this morning’s walk we came upon a stack of plywood grown warped in the rain. I immediately picked up the smell of a small animal moving between the boards and my laser Cairn senses went on high alert. Seamus came along to investigate, but quickly moved on because he is not big on hunting rodents. Remember he was bred to be a lap dog although some say to guard the Emperor’s palace, like the Fu dogs; but based on knowing him I very much doubt that.

Seamus not interested

Mom was calling to me to move away from the wood and take a walk, but when a Cairn hones in on a target we are like drones programed for one purpose and there is no resetting the course of action. I was on one side of the stack and so focused that I did not see Tessa come up on the other side; also in hunting mode. That’s one difference between us, she plays with her prey before dispatching it, while I give in a good shake and I’m done. She then eats and I toss it away. Ah, the vagaries of nature.

Tessa smells the mouse

So, there I am frustrated because I cannot get between the boards and make contact with the creature and here comes Tess around from the other side and BAM we meet. Believe me when I say that this has never happened before, because we get along fine, I mean not bosom buddies like she and Seamus, but living companions; and then she goes and hisses at me. Really hisses at me like, “Stay back, bitch, this is my catch.”

Tessa hisses at Maya

Well, that’s just crossing the line, and I reacted from instinct. I went after her, grabbed her by the neck with my teeth, she’s screeching and fighting, there’s no photo because mom is now yelling for me to stop and Tess and I go rolling around the ground. I let go for an instant and she takes off across the field. Seamus chases after her and I can hear the angry tone of mom’s voice, but when I sit to hear her tirade I get sent home to reconsider my actions. Not a chance. I am a product of my breeding. I defend when attacked and protect my right to hunt. Tessa learned that today and when we got back to the house she was on the porch waiting for us. Mom was all “poor baby”, baloney, but I shot her a look before mom picked me up and put me in the house.

Mom thinks I was trying to kill Tessa, but that’s not it at all. I just reacted according to my nature. You know how that happens, right? You’re going along and someone gets in your face and tries to take what’s yours and well, you just lose it, but you don’t mean to kill, just send a message…don’t mess with me, period. Basically, that is what I wanted to get across to Tessa, and based on our interaction a moment ago, message received and life goes on peacefully.

Maya & Tessa friends again

Anyway, mom is holding on to what happened and me, Tess and Shay are over the whole thing. Tess is in her plush box on the porch and we had a moment of understanding, so all is well. Shay touched noses to ask if she was alright and except for some ego bruising she’s moved on. Humans hold on to the anger, the fight, but animals shake it off and get on with living in the moment. A valuable lesson you should learn from us.

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  1. carolyn green says:

    Love this😊


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