Seamus Speaks

Seamus introduces himself

I would like to introduce myself.
I am called Seamus, the Shih Tzu brother to Maya
But I am so much more than that
I may not even be a Shih Tzu as was claimed at my birth
You see I like cats
So much better than other dogs
And somewhat better than humans
This makes me a mix of this and that
Very American if you ask me.

My sister Maya is my hero
But we don’t always see eye to eye
Meaning my eyes go off in different directions
Great breeding tactics by humans
Try looking in different directions yourself
I have to fake it to make it.

Maya loves to kill small creatures
Genetics they claim
But I was bred to be a lap dog
And exploring the wilderness is not
In my DNA code
Pity really as I like the outdoors
But I see no way I would survive
Alone in the wilderness.

Now Maya, might possibly, until something bigger
Would come along and stand looking down at her
Like that big black German Shepard did when he
Stretched back his lips and Maya all up in his face
Tail standing at attention, growl at the ready
And you know what he did? He..laughed
Really pissed her off.

I heard about it later from Mom who told me
That she could actually hear the dog laughing
I cannot verify that it happened because I was hauling
Ass down the trail, my tail up and my eyes trying
To see back to our big house, or lord, anywhere
But looking up at that giant Black Shepherd.

But time has passed and over time I have changed
Yes, I am a changed Shih Tzu mix
Who loves to explore on our adventurous walks
Hunting puts me as the wing man to Maya
Heading off the unfortunate chipmunk and
Steering him into my sisters path
Maya is fast and before my mom has quit
Screaming for us to STOP, STAY, SIT,
God dammit, TREAT!
We have that chipmunk sent off to a better place.

Well, that’s my introduction for now
But I’ll be back with plenty more stories to tell
About how I see the world through these crazy eyes
And how I deal with the three women in my life
Something only another male can fully appreciate.

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