Achievement happens by making a plan and moving step-by-step towards a goal. I took time in 2015 to step away from a busy life to reflect and bring this big vehicle of my life to a complete stop. I needed to let a new story emerge with a new direction for this final phase of my life. The Stone House Diaries blog posts helped me to sort through my life and what was happening around me in the world. My animal family were trusted companions on the journey and are featured in the many stories I have written on this site over the past three years.

Meanwhile, I set my goal to write and publish books that will support all of you with yoga, health and nutrition. This accomplished I turned towards my photography and created an online site that shares the beauty of nature and animals as I see it all in my daily life. This also accomplished I now turn my attention towards telling stories with my writing and photographs. Look for this first effort, MAYA AWAKENS, to be published as a picture E-book in the months to come.

So welcome friends. Stone House Diaries is my way to share what I’ve learned after living a holistic lifestyle for the past thirty years. Through my BOOKS, DIARY, YOGA and PHOTOGRAPHY; as Delia or bluegardenia4, I am exploring this wonderful time in my life. There is no one way to live and I’ve always gone my own direction observing, learning, experimenting and gathering¬† knowledge to share with you and anyone who seeks answers to the age old question, “Who am I?”

For me it begins with the highest quality food for a healthy body-mind and to that end I have just published the third edition of The Body Rejuvenation Cleanse. If you want to lift yourself out of the doldrums caused by eating processed food or maybe you need to lose a few pounds; even if you just want to shift your yoga practice to a new level then this is the book for you. You will come back to it again and again in your lifetime renewing, rejuvenating and falling in love with your amazing body all over again.

A whole foods diet is essential to support my spiritual practice, which provides discipline and guidance, both of which I have found in the practice of Ha-tha yoga and meditation. Learning from my mistakes, challenges and the inevitable lessons that lead towards liberation is the journey of a lifetime.

I’ve learned a few things along the way. I hope you will find something in the books I have written, the workshops I continue to teach, my art and my diary that you can use on your own grand adventure. Because that’s what life is, a grand adventure that can lead us to achieve our true greatness or leave us broken by the side of the road. The choice is yours, and there is always a helping hand along the way. Here’s mine extended to you…I hope you will take it.